Dating with pure passion california online christian dating

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In those situations, what was your body telling you?Obviously, it was crying out for some nutritious food. Sin can be very subtle, however, so Jesus advises you to let go of your discipline and appropriate His strength in dealing with fleshly enticements.He wants to help you discern the lies that sin presents and remind you of His passionate love.” ― Rob Eagar, “You cannot blame a dull dating life on a lack of attractive singles if you are too afraid to get involved.

Therefore, by comparison alone, temptation is worthless.He gives over 100 presentations a year at churches including Saddleback Church and Willow Creek Community Church.Rob resides with his wife, Ashley, in Atlanta, Georgia.It has been used by over 150 churches and ministries across America.The Study Kit includes the following: Each session includes: icebreaker ideas, a 20 - 35 minute teaching video with Rob, visual aid ideas, Bible study, personal reflection time, and Small Group Discussion Questions.

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