Eminence dating codes

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Fender introduced the Blues Junior in 1995, and has revised and updated it periodically since then.

Blues Junior history can be divided into two major categories: the early amps with green circuit boards and the later ones with cream-colored boards.

The codes are usually handwritten, and the letters can occasionally be hard to decipher. There is no reliable way to date 2003-2005 amps other than to ask Fender customer support to look up the date from the serial number, although you may find a date code on the speaker.Note that many makers also stamped OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part numbers above or below the EIA code, in some cases parts makers or the customer elected not to include the EIA codes, so not all parts have them.They generally follow the following format: (example) 137 5904 where 137 is the manufacturer code (in this case CTS), 59 is the year (1959), and 04 is the week.5 is the plant code (in this case, Owensboro, Kentucky). Here's where you can meet singles in Eminence, Kentucky.

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