Ethio dating sites

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Nominations for the World Heritage list are only accepted if the site was previously listed on the tentative list. The discovery adds yet more weight to the argument that Africa, and Ethiopia in particular, was the birthplace of humans.If you find someone there that's a new friend or a love interest that's great, but you could also go on the site and find someone as well. Tunde: I founded the website with my co-founder Yaw who was my classmate in business school.

Armed guard and obelisk Axum, Ethiopia Seldom visited by foreign tourists over the past few decades due to its continuing political problems, Ethiopia is most well known as being the possible cradle of humankind.

Fossil remains (the famous Lucy) discovered in northeastern Ethiopia have been dated to roughly 3.5 million years, making them the earliest known example of an upright walking hominid.

The oldest known stone tools, dating to 2.4 million years, were also found in this same region.

What's also cool is when you delve deeper, there's a bigger mix with Africans in New York, D. Lande: And are people finding love across the pond? Meaning that people are finding people close to them in their city and I think that's been helped by the events that we've been having.

We've done events in ten cities across the continent and people have been able to come meet someone face to face.

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