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For two beaders who live on opposite sides of the world we manage to see each other a couple of times a year, pretty amazing!One of my great pleasures of the bead community is spending time with other beaders. " Their mission was simple yet intense; they had to live together in an apartment for several months on Lothal.She knew what Ezra was trying to do and she appreciated it, but she preferred the awkward silence to talking about anything else."Oh, but then how will we get into the city?As Sabine will tell you below it's one of hers as well.

We do 13 missions no questions asked and he gives you and me a ride to Capital City." Sabine said not very happy about this arrangement because the crew's most recent Vizago missions nearly ended with all of them dead."I bet Kannan making that deal." Ezra said sarcastically knowing that his master preferred any other mission they could get that didn't involve a 100% chance of running into the Inquisitor."Ezra I know you lived in Capital City all your life streets or not, but Kannan told me to teach you how live undercover for this long." Sabine said trying to keep Ezra's mind off of the others and on the mission."Yeah I know he told, but I don't see why that's necessary it's just living in an apartment for a little while and listening for Imperials in the next room. " Ezra said a little bit frustrated with the fact that his master gave him an hour long talk before he left on how not to blow his and Sabine's cover.Or had he just turned them all into unwitting exhibitionist for his pleasure?A part of him hoped it was the former though the set up had been created with the intent of the later, but the idea that the crew knew he was watching them and decided to put on a show made his 15 year old mind .I remember writing her and saying something close to 'Who the heck are you? She of course continued to excel and in short order we met at her first Bead and Button.She's crazy fun in person and we've continued our friendship ever since.

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