Who is kelly bensimon dating

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"If they talk badly about their ex-wife, that is a no-go -- that means run. Run as fast as you can."Do you agree with Kelly's take on dating a divorced man? so far this season, but we already know this story has a fairytale ending. "We're both very hardworking, we were both single at the time, I had children, but we both have a very, very strong ethic and strong integrity."I feel sorry for the fanbase that they had to kind of see that." Since her time on , Kelly has stayed close to Luann de Lesseps and Jill Zarin, who was especially supportive of her when she launched her new jewelry line with HSN last month. And Jill Zarin is such an incredible woman, mother, friend." recently, she is a big fan of a fairly new addition to the show, Dorinda Medley. She's got so much enthusiasm." Unlike some of Dorinda's castmates this season, Kelly only had nice things to say about John. "That's what I want for women is I want them to have an adoring man next to them." Since Kelly hasn't seen this season of , she couldn't comment on the criticism John has received from some of the ladies this season.Apparently everyone is curious about what I wear on the show.The flower belt is a flower that I stapled to a piece of fabric and made it into a belt.

is an American author, socialite and former editor of Elle Accessories and a former model.

He invited Kelly to Luann's surprise birthday party on May 17, and the trio also had a joint birthday lunch for the ladies this month (Kelly's birthday was on May 1).

We just didn't click in those two scenes," Kelly said of her relationship with Bethenny on the show. And, you know, kids have such an incredible radar, and they know when people are genuine and/or disingenuous. He is so sweet and so cute, and he's so adoring," she said.

Still, this revelation doesn't mean Kelly's dwelling in the past. prefix in 2007, divorce hasn't soured Kelly's taste for marriage.

Teddy and Sea's mama has been vocal about her desire to remarry soon and have another child, but warns other single women that dating a divorced guy may come with unwanted baggage.

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